Inmerción, Alejandro Sanchez

Inmerción - oil - 100x170cm, 2010.

Despite the progress that cinema and television represent for The Image, the image is still an important element for the printed media. Therefore, the improvement of the still image supports keeps it updated. Moreover, it has allowed a greater diffusion of the media that supports it.

This diffusion could explain that still images, such as photography, are accepted by those who capture and preserve them as an equivalent of reality, even though they are nothing more than a representation of reality.

With this project, I do not pretend to match the pretension of photography to achieve that representation of reality, since I make my paintings based on those still images that aspire to be the reflection of reality.

For this reason, I consider my painting to be "abstract", not in the sense of an artistic movement, but the literal sense of the word. That is to say, in creating my paintings, I abstract from the photograph. From it, I extract the most significant, to create an emotional link of association or, in some cases, of imagination between the spectator and the painting.

This link ensures the diversity of the photographed images from which I abstract my paintings. So, the viewer can assemble one or another painting. In addition, the images taken from the photographs do not have an obvious re-interpretation but the essence of the photography. Also, I add odd objects to allow a new interpretation of the image.

Consequently, the photograph, which is a photograph in painting, becomes as real as the illusory context where I place it. Pictures of pictures, abstractions of reality placed in a context that returns them to a world where no object is more real than another. A place where everything is an illusion.

Inmerción, Alejandro Sanchez

Inmerción - oil - 100x170cm, 2010.

Loft 14 45 and smile - óleo sobre tela, Alejandro Sanchez

Loft 14 45 and smile - oil - 140 x 170cm, 2008.

Coke, Alejandro Sanchez

Coke - oil 70 x 70cm, 2011.

Goodmorning, Alejandro Sanchez

Goodmorning - oil 120 x 170cm, 2010.

Bigcola, Alejandro Sanchez

Bigcola - oil 100 x 100cm, 2009.

Femme, Alejandro Sanchez

Femme - oil 100 x 170cm, 2010.

Cómo explicar cuadros a una liebre, Alejandro Sanchez

How to explain paintings to a dead hare- oil - 110 x 170 cm. 2010.

Corto circuito Bruce Newman, Alejandro Sanchez

Short circuit Bruce Newman - oil - 80 x 170 cm. 2008.

Cosas, Alejandro Sanchez

Cosas - oil - 100 x 270 cm. 2010.

Cubrick, Alejandro Sanchez

Cubrick - oil - 100 x 270 cm. 2010.

Daniel Buren, Alejandro Sanchez

Daniel Buren, 87 - Jil Sander - oil - 120 x 170 cm. 2008.

Doulble ready-made 3 Buren, Alejandro Sanchez

Doulble ready-made 3 - oil - 100 x 155 cm. 2010.

Ed h-art y language, Alejandro Sanchez

Ed h-art y language - oil - 120 x 170 cm. 2008.

Enjoy, Alejandro Sanchez

Enjoy - oil - 120 x 170 cm. 2009.

Floridas, Alejandro Sanchez

Floridas natural.

Head dome projector, Alejandro Sanchez

Head dome projector - Duchamp´s - oil - 170 x 130cm. 2008.

Heidy, Alejandro Sanchez

Heidy - oil.

McCarthy - Eric Doeringer, Alejandro Sanchez

McCarthy - Eric Doeringer - Aire parisino, 85 x 170 cm. 2008.

Mickey bomb, Alejandro Sanchez

Mickey bomb - oil - 120 x 170 cm. 2008.

Sanin Wiumaster, Alejandro Sanchez

Sanin Wiumaster.

Some economies, Alejandro Sanchez

Some economies - oil - 170 x 110 cm. 2010.

Terry Cole, Alejandro Sanchez

Terry Cole - oil - 120 x 170 cm. 2008.