Montaje obra Multiculturalismo 1, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo 1 - Reflejo en la pintura. Proyecto realizado en 2009

This project has won Arts Prizes and scholarships. Santa Fe Gallery, Mayor's Office of Bogota research and execution in collective with Alexi Serguei Sosa.

Taking into account the plural nature of the Arts, the main objective of this project is to highlight the practices that circulate among people. In our opinion, painting has an iconic character in the Arts. It is one of the most effective ways to highlight these manifestations due to lots of painters. We aim to identify and coexist different concepts in a single sample, to claim its multicultural nature.

Universality and multiculturalism are two ideological terms encompassing politics, religion, the Arts, and philosophy worldwide. Universality is the result of two contents: on the one hand, the typical, which supports this notion fantastically, and on the other hand, it's complimentary, which is a particular content that works as a substitute. But, this content is the result of a political battle for ideological hegemony.

“"Multiculturalism is a racism that empties its position of all positive content (the multiculturalist is not a direct racist, he does not oppose to the Other the particular values of his own culture), but retains this position as the privileged empty point of universality, from which one can appreciate (and depreciate) properly other particular cultures - the multiculturalist respect for the Other's specificity is the very form of asserting one's superiority" 1.” 1

The way that arts are understood, identified, and accepted can be excluding and racist. So, cataloging as "artist" - "non-artist" suggests the idea of the "Arts" and the "arts". Although one is part of the other to exist, we could say that crafts evolved into fine arts, and in modernity, it was called Arts. It should also be clear that they are differentiated Arts-arts by a hierarchical level aesthetically and conceptually speaking. Also, the maker has this same hierarchical distinction Artist-artisan.

This project is made by the Alejandro Sánchez Suarez - Alexi Serguei Sosa Romero collective. However, carrying it out would have been impossible without the approval and later collaboration of painters living in the ninth district of Fontibon, Bogota. To bring the viewer closer to the different practices regarding this area, we want some inhabitants of Bogota can reflect on multiculturalism.

The curatorial process will not exclude anyone who wants to participate in the project. Each creator participating in the project will reflect on the reasons and foundations that have invited them to be an image creator. They must justify the production of their images in their plastic development. The outcome of this project is to question, based on the legitimacy and illegitimacy of art and its evidence. Our interest is creating awareness of the different plastic phenomena that could be valid enough to be included in an artistic-cultural environment. Thus, we can potentiate its contemporary character, not from the aesthetic or conceptual look of each of the paintings separately, but by their reading as a whole, which denotes a clear example of multiculturalism.

1. Slavoj Zizeck, Multiculturalism, Or, the Cultural Logic of Multinational Capitalism.

Montaje obra Multiculturalismo 1, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo 1 - Project made in 2009

Montaje de la obra Multiculturalismo 2, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo 2 - Project made in 2009

Montaje obra Multiculturalismo 3, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo 3 - Project made in 2009

Detalle de montaje obra Multiculturalismo, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo set up - Project made in 2009

Multiculturalismo 5 - Reflejo en la pintura, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo 5 - Reflejo en la pintura. Proyecto realizado en 2009

Multiculturalismo 6 - Reflejo en la pintura, Alejandro Sanchez

Multiculturalismo 6 - Project made in 2009

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